Boxing Gym

Optimum Gym offers a variety of equipment in our boxing gym, so whether you are looking to take a class or come on your own to practice and learn the sport of boxing, we are the right place for you. We feature an amateur size 15’x15′ semi pro boxing ring as well as a wide variety of punching bags such as muthai bags, tear drop bags, double end bag, upper cut bag, speed bag, double end heavy bag, maize ball, Versys VS.1 training bag and wavemaster pro bags! Our boxing area is also included in your 24/7 membership!

15×15 Boxing Ring

Our boxing gym is an encouraging atmosphere for learning the sport of boxing. We pride ourselves for being a real legitimate boxing gym where we focus on proper technique and constant improvement. Our trainers are able to tailor workouts to your physical abilities and explain to you the details of certain boxing techniques for better execution and safety.

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