No more boring hours of cardio on the treadmill, our Boxing for fitness classes are designed to help you burn up to 1000 calories in just fifty minutes!







Unlike most mainstream gyms in the South Tampa area, we truly care about proper form and to give you an authentic boxing workout. Our classes are limited to 12 people and with 2 professional boxing instructors per class we can watch your technique and teach you proper form regardless of your level of experience. As former professional boxers our main focus is safety, so be ready to learn the basics before entering the full class (we encourage you arrive early)  We also provide all the necessary equipment you need to safely learn the art of boxing and get the best workout. We will show you how to use your whole body to connect punches and how to engage your core and legs to get more power behind your fists. Come by our gym and try one of our classes for free and experience the difference yourself! Call us to find out our current class schedule and reserve your bag today! 813-876-4000


    • Voted the best Boxing workout in the South Tampa Magazine
    • Professional Boxing Coaches with years of experience
    • Proper Technique and safety
    • Learn the art of boxing – jab, footwork, hooks and the powerful uppercuts and defense!
    • Fun, energetic and  workouts
    • Addicting fitness regime
    • Small group classes (12 people or less per class)
    • Convenient location in the heart of South Tampa
    • Try the first class for free
    • Variety of equipment
    • GET IN THE RING with our trainers and punch yourself out without getting hit back!

OPTIMUM 24/7 Gym is the first and only club committed to giving anybody regardless of age and body type the most powerful and empowering workout of their lives!


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