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Bikini Posing

The Bikini division is an exciting and fun division where women have the freedom to show off their incredible physiques with personality and flair. This division is ideal for the woman who would like to compete but have trouble gaining or chooses not to gain huge amounts of muscle . Bikini judges will focus on overall shape and conditioning and put less emphasis on the muscularity and extreme leanness that has become the norm for most bodybuilding competitions.  Great Bikini Posing is critical!  Be sure to pay close attention to how to pose for Bikini! OPTIMUM Gym Tampa offers one on one Bikini posing or Group Bikini posing to help you become a more competitive athlete.


  • Competitors will compete in a two-piece suit.  The bottom of the suit must be V-shaped.  You can compete in an off the rack suit but most women do have custom made Bikini competition suits.  All suits must be in good taste.
  • Competitors must wear high heels and they may wear jewelry.



Bikini contestants will be grouped by height taken barefoot at the check in.


Presentation – Competitors will walk onstage alone and perform their model walk.  

Comparison Round – Competitors will be compared as a group in their two piece swimsuit and directed to do a full front stance and back stance.  Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each other in half turns.


Judges will be scoring the competitors using the following criteria:
Balance & Shape
Skin Tone
Bikini Posing
Overall Presentation

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