Bikini Prep

Bikini Competition Prep

If you are thinking about preparing for a  Bikini Competition or want to learn more about what it takes to compete, Optimum Gym South Tampa has expert coaches in the field to help you hit your peak, show your best onstage and have the chance to join one of the most successful Bikini Teams in Tampa: Optimum Bikini

From the best diet to follow to lose fat while maintaining and building muscle, to the optimum training program to bring your physique to it’s peak,  perfecting  your stage presence and posing in order to display your physique at it’s best advantage, our  bikini prep coaches at Optimum Gym South Tampa will give you the best advice so you can be at your absolute best when it counts the most.

Some of the Top Bikini athletes train regularly right here at Optimum Gym South Tampa and our top of the line and variety of lower body and booty building equipment will help you achieve the best body to be a successful Bikini Competitor.

Optimum Bikini can cover all the angles to help you present your best physique onstage. So whether it’s your very first contest or if you are a veteran competitor, you can benefit from having some of the top Professionals coaches in Tampa to help you one on one to be your lifetime best!

If you want more information about our Bikini Competition Team, call us at 813-876-4000 or fill up the FREE consultation form at the bottom of this page

Bikini Prep

Optimum Bikini Competition Prep Program includes:

  • All plans are custom made for each client based on likes, preferences, allergies and goals
  • Prep includes Training, Nutrition, Cardio and Supplementation plans
  • Adjusted plans on a weekly to bi weekly basis
  • Weekly progress check ins with assessment and feedback
  • Ongoing physique assessments to target strengths and weaknesses
  • Weekly consultations and ongoing guidance
  • Ongoing training, nutrition, cardio and supplementation updates
  • Individualized posing and presentation coaching
  • Posing
  • Help with show selection and show planning
  • Access to wholesale stage accessories and suits made by the best in the industry
  • Pre contest check-ins and full peak week plan
  • Strategic post contest reverse plan
  • 24/7 coach guidance

Bikini Prep Consultation