Functional Training

Functional training is any type of exercise that has a direct relationship to the activities you perform in your daily life.

Whether you are a marathon runner, a triathlete, or simply a homemaker who wants to carry their children without injury, functional training can help.

Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation. Physical therapists developed exercises that mimicked what patients did at home or work in order to return to their lives or jobs after an injury or surgery. Thus if a patient’s job required repeatedly heavy lifting, rehab would be targeted towards helping them achieve that and it mostly involves activities targeted at the core muscles (abdominal and lower back).


Here at Optimum Gym South Tampa we understand that everybody has different workout regimes and for that reason we offer a vast variety of training equipment.  TRX, Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, Puremotion Equipment, jump ropes, jump boxes, chains, wall balls, hammers, ankle weights, ab wheels, bosus, mini bosu, gymnastic wood rings, stability balls, climbing rope, functional machines, suspension training are just some of functional equipment we offer to all of our members. Our Goal is to constantly keep our gym equipped with some of the latest equipment in the industry.


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