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Optimum Gym Personal Training


Our highly qualified Personal Training staff,  will meet with you and complete a free evaluation based on your needs, goals, current physical condition, and performance on a few exercises and bio-mechanic tests.

We understand that nutrition is a huge part of the results you will see from your training regime so we will spend about 30 minutes conducting an inventory on your  individual needs and  factors including how the body responds to different proteins, vitamins, foods etc. , including a review of all of the supplements and products you are currently putting in their body.

Our Trainers have access to pharmaceutical grade supplements, vitamins, branch amino acids, gluten and hormone free proteins, high grade krill oil and much more in order to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Inbody tests are required for all of our clients. The results from the resting Metabolic test will give our trainers the exact amount of calories that individual’s metabolism is burning while he or she is just functioning at an upright resting position.

The results from the Inbody 570 test will give the trainer much more valuable information such as, at what exact heart rate is that individual burning fat most efficiently as well as body fat and muscle mass.


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